Rich Honey blanks are available in a variety of fabrics. Your options will be based on the style you choose and the look and feel you want to achieve per order. Not sure which one to choose? Contact us for help.



30-singles is a loosely-knit, premium fabric with a fine, soft feel. This is the standard weight used for our best selling tees.

Weight: 4 oz/yd² | 135.5 g/m²


20-singles is a tighter knit, midweight fabric with a soft feel. This weight gives standard tees a little more structure.

Weight: 5.24 oz/yd² | 177.5 g/m²


18-singles is a new customer favorite, offering a heavier weight tee that's still soft to the touch. 

Weight: 5.90 oz/yd² | 200 g/m²


14-singles is the heaviest weight cotton fabric that we offer for our t-shirts. Its structure and texture are best used for a loose, boxy fit.

Weight: 7.96 oz/yd² | 270 g/m²


40-singles is a lightweight fabric that is extremely soft. This is best used for summer collections due to the breathability of the fabric.

Weight: 3.61 oz/yd² | 122.5 g/m²


Cotton slub is a lightweight fabric that contains knots and twists, making it highly textured.

Weight: 3.91 oz/yd² | 132.5 g/m²


This fabric uses a heavier weight of cotton and is woven into loops on the inside for an absorbent, warm, and soft feel. It is commonly used for sweaters and hoodies.

Weights: 12 oz/yd² | 406.87 g/m², 15 oz/yd² | 508.59 g/m²


Slub French Terry is an alternative to regular French Terry with its unique texture that becomes more visible after garment dye.

Weight: 12 oz/yd² | 406.87 g/m²,

Our cotton is combed and ring-spun, with few impurities and a soft and smooth surface. It it also pre-shrunk and washed during the garment dye process, which is not a common feature that other blanks companies offer. 

Care Instructions: Machine wash - cold, Tumble dry - low, No bleach



Made of a 50% polyester, 37.5% cotton, and 12.5% rayon blend. The different materials absorb dye differently, which gives it a heathered look. This fabric feels extremely soft and comfortable when worn.

Weight: 3.83 oz/yd² | 130 g/m²


Made of a 90% cotton and 10% polyester blend. This is an alternative option to triblend fabric as both have a heathered look.

Weight: 3.91 oz/yd² | 132.5 g/m²

Styles made in fabric blends undergo a standard hot wash process to make them feel extra soft. You also have the option to overdye these in any Pantone color.

"Overdyeing" is the process of dyeing fabric blends. When overdyeing, cotton will absorb most of the color, rayon will absorb it minimally, while polyester will not absorb it at all. This results in the heathered, textured look when the process is complete.

Care Instructions: Machine wash - cold, Tumble dry - low, No bleach