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Softener & Enzyme

Softener and enzyme give the shirt a luxuriously soft and worn-in feel by loosening and breaking down the fibers of the fabric.

Extra Enzyme:
Extra enzyme breaks down the cotton fabric further. This is done by clients who want to give the shirts a distressed or vintage look and feel.

  • Highly Compatiable

This wash adds a coating of silicone to the fabric for a soft and smooth feel.

Heavy Silicone:
This adds an extra coating of silicone, making the shirt smoother and giving it a heavier feel.

  • Compatible with light silicone; 
  • Not compatible with heavy silicone

Hot Wash

This is the basic wash used for our triblend t-shirts. This type of wash maintains the soft texture of the fabric.

  • Highly Compatible
Cloud Wash

The cloud wash gives a unique effect similar to a tie-dye tee with two of your chosen colors. This is paired with a softener wash to add a luxurious feel.

  • Highly Compatiable

Mineral Wash

The mineral wash adds a treatment to the fabric which causes parts of the fabric’s color to fade. The treatment breaks down the fabric more than a regular enzyme wash resulting in one of the softest t-shirts ever.

  • Highly Compatiable
Crystal Wash

The crystal wash gives dimension to the shirt through three of your chosen colors. This is also paired with a softener wash to add a luxurious feel.

  • Highly Compatiable

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