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Reactive Dye

This is the most common dye used for cotton. Its strong fastness properties ensure that the color does not fade after washing. Reactive dye directly bonds with the fabric, making the color brighter and more defined.

Screen Printing Results: Highly compatible

  • Wash with like colors
Pigment Dye

Pigments of color stick to the fabric with the use of a binder – a glue-like material. It does not directly bond with the fabric. The color comes out lighter, giving it a more vintage look.

Screen Printing Results: Consult with the screen printer before printing on a pigment-dyed shirt.

  • Wash with like colors
Oil Dye

The oil wash technique causes the fabric to catch light and dark shades of the dyed color as it is unevenly penetrated into the fabric. This gives the shirt a uniquely stained look.

Screen Printing Results: Not recommended

  • Prone to color transfer
  • Wash with like colors
  • Avoid mixing with whites

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